Customs Services

We take the complexity out of customs by providing a broad range of customs brokerage services performed by a team of customs experts to ensure a smooth and on time border crossing of shipments, without administrative burden, delays and penalties. The portfolio also includes consulting services to enhance customs activities and compliance, optimize duties, identify potential risk areas and improve internal controls.


  • Broad range of customs brokerage and customs consulting services to optimize compliance & minimize duties and taxes.
  • Dedicated team of no more than 80 customs experts in Kenya .
  • Country, Regional   and  Global  teams   to ensure consistency, standardized processes and one point of contact.
  • Global Governance   Structure with code of conduct and compliance standards.
  • Strong relationship with government customs & security authorities.
  • Core training and education solutions.


  • Peace of mind, trust, reliability - you can concentrate on your core business.
  • Consistent and compliant trade activities worldwide, avoiding delays, fines, and penalties, ensuring the smooth flow of goods throughout the supply chain.
  • One single provider for transportation & customs brokerage resulting in compliance, cost & time savings.
  • Superior level of service delivery globally, utilizing the latest customs clearance technologies and EDI capabilities.
  • Simplified billing options, one point of contact.